We have already discussed about how to take a database backup and restore in MySQL using mysqldump command, do you feel it's very difficult can get backup using the PHPMyAdmin tool.

For example, I will take a backup  database name is exportmysql and restore into importmysql database.

Open the PHPMyAdmin : http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ (If you have installed in your local system)

Export / Backup Database PHP MyAdmin :

Select that database and click  on exportmysql database, listed on left side column.

Then, the page will shows like below image, Click on “ Export

There are two ways to export database, one is Quick and another one is Custom (Select particular tables and other options),  Click on  “Go

Choose Custom option and select specific tables as you like,

Save the backup with .sql format.

Import  / Restore Database:

Import is very simple process before we going to do that, create a database (importmysql),

Choose the importmysql database on left side column

Click on Import Icon like below images,

Click on  Browser to get database backup from your system ,

Then, Click on  Go  button

Browser your computer please be patient, the file is being uploaded.
After done it showing below comments,
Import has been successfully finished, 29 queries executed. (exportmysql.sql)

Now, if you click on database name listing out tables.