Mutt and Mail both commands are similarly and very powerful to send an email from the system,

Mutt : It's a Mail User Agent, small but powerful and highly comfortable for Mail client in Unix/Linux operating system. Also support color terminal, threaded sorting, MIME, POP3 and IMAP.

Can send a message to multiple users on a single command,

Install mutt package by yum command

#  yum install mutt


Download mutt from below URL and install it.

Send Simple Mail:

echo ""Type Email content"" | mutt  -s "Subject of Email" --

Send Mail with Attachment:

echo "Type Email content" | mutt -a "/root/report.txt" -s "Subject of Email" --


mutt  -s "Test email" -a file.txt < MessageBody

Mail send to Multiple User:

echo "Type Email content" | mutt -a "/root/report.txt" -s "Subject of Email" --

Mail : To send a message to multiple users on a single command , mail can be invoked with message details

Install Mail:
# yum install mailx

Send Simple Mail:

mail -s "xxx"


echo "Type your body content" | mail -s "Mail subject"

Mail with Cc:

Also send a message with carbon copy(Cc). Once typed the command : mail -s "test email from server"  press enter then type your message content and press CTRL + D,  it will ask Cc:

mail -s "test email from server"
type message content


Send Message with Attachment:

mail -s "Subject Name " < body.txt


(uuencode /root/userssys.txt; echo "Type Body of Message ") | mail -s 'Message Subjects'

To send multiple user just give a space type another Email Id's.