This post describes the benefits of backup and restore SQL Server databases, Microsoft provide the tool to managing all the databases in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express,

Download and install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express 2012 on your windows server 2012/2008 from the URL :

How to take a MSSQL datbase backup:

Logged into your windows server 2012 on Administrator privilege

You need to find out Management Studio Express and open it,
Click on windows button and type “sql server”

To be Connect SQL Server Click on “Connect” button,


You can view all the databases on left panel, be ensure which database do you want to take a backup from the database server,
right click on that specific database => Task => Backup

To check the “Backup type ” is  “Full" and give backup name, Click on "Add"  button for Choose destination folder to stores database backup.

Finally, click on OK button,
Once completed the database backup process will be showing dialog box with good information from the server.

“The backup of database “Databasename” completed successfully”.

How to restored database backup:

Before restore begin need to create new database, Right click on “Databases” => NewDatabase...

type your database name and click on “Ok

Now, the new database has been created can see on database listing,

Right click on “New database name” Task => Restore => Database...

Select Database :

Click on Device and  select backup device button => Add =>

Choose database backup and click on  => Ok

The backup retrieve from the folder and backup sets to restore into your server,

Then, Click on Option =>

You will see few Restire option available there, If you dont want to existing database click on first option,

Overwrite the existing database (WIHT REPLACE)

click on OK.