We have already discussed how to install XAMPP in Windows and Linux operating system, this port describe about XAMPP basic files and directories purpose.

XAMPP Files / Directory Structure:


By default the Xampp install under /opt/lamp directory


 The XAMPP commands path start, stop, restart, proftpd and etc…


 Apache Document Root directory.


The Apache (HTTPD) configuration file.


The MySQL database configuration file.


 The PHP Configuration file.


The PROFTPD configuration file


The PHPMyAdmin Configuration File.


MySQL  database location 


    MySQL Socket File 

/opt/lampp/lampp start 

   Start the lampp (Apache, MySQL, ProFTPD)

/opt/lampp/lampp restart  

 Restart the Lampp

/opt/lampp/lampp/ stop 

   Stop the Lampp

/opt/lampp/lampp status  

 Find the lampp status

/opt/lampp/lampp startapache 

Start Apache server only

/opt/lampp/lampp  startmysql    

Start MySQL database only

/opt/lampp/lampp   startftp    

Starts the ProFTPD server only

/opt/lampp/lampp stopapache    

Stop Apache server only

/opt/lampp/lampp  stopmysql    

Stop MySQL database only

/opt/lampp/lampp   stopftp    

Stop the ProFTPD server only

/opt/lampp/lampp security    

This command to be solved most of the security weaknesses.

/opt/lamp/bin/httpd –version    

To find Apache version

/opt/lampp/bin/mysql –version

To find MySQL version

/opt/lampp/bin/php --version    

To find PHP version