We have already discussed about mysqladmin command on previous post, on this post  describe mysqlcheck.  Mysqlcheck command is helpful to repair table and retrieve data when its corrupted also maintenance tables: check optimizes and analyzes.

Analyze the tables:

# mysqlcheck  --analyze --databases mydb_linuxfaq

mydb_linuxfaq.idno                             OK
mydb_linuxfaq.testpa                           Table is already up to date
mydb_linuxfaq.mylist                           OK
mydb_linuxfaq.times                            OK

Check the tables status:

For example check the mysql database status whether is correpted,
# mysqlcheck mydb_linuxfaq  

mydb_linuxfaq.idno                             OK
mydb_linuxfaq.idname                           OK
mydb_linuxfaq.mylist                           OK
mydb_linuxfaq.mode                             OK
mydb_linuxfaq.sqlapp                           OK
mydb_linuxfaq.questions                        OK
mydb_linuxfaq.rruns                            OK
mydb_linuxfaq.scoll                            OK
mydb_linuxfaq.tag                              OK
mydb_linuxfaq.tags                             OK

# mysqlcheck --databases mydb_linuxfaq

Check the tables for errors:
# mysqlcheck  --check  --databases mydb_linuxfaq

mydb_linuxfaq.userdetails                      OK
mydb_linuxfaq.image                            OK
mydb_linuxfaq.testimg                          OK
Error    : Incorrect information in file: './mydb_linuxfaq/testfile.frm'
error    : Corrupt

Repair Tables:

or --repair options is help to repair the tables which is correcpted, automatically fix it.
# mysqlcheck  --auto-repair  --databases mydb_linuxfaq

mydb_linuxfaq.diggotno                         OK
mydb_linuxfaq.idno                             OK

--repair or -r options is perform a repir that can fix anything,
#  mysqlcheck --repair --databases db_name

The below command repir all the database in MySQL
#  mysqlcheck --repair --all-databases

Check the tables for errors    
# mysqlcheck  --check  --databases mydb_linuxfaq

Process all tables in the named databases    
# mysqlcheck --databases mydb_linuxfaq

mydb_linuxfaq.usercomments                     OK
mydb_linuxfaq.cmdfilder                        OK