Remote desktop is really good option for someone to view your computer or you can view another computer using Remote connection in windows system.
Before that allow remote connect permission in system settings,

Step 1 :

Go to System Properties : We have two option to view system properties

a) Click on Start button -> right clicking on "Computer" -> and then click on "Properties"

b) Go to Control Panel -> System -> Remote Settings.

Step 2 :

Choose "Allow remote connections to this computer" and click on "Select Users..." button

Step 3 :

On Remote Desktop User panel, Click on "Add"  button .

Click on "Advanced..."

Click on "Find Now"  then the user names will be display

Choose "Administrator" user then clicking on "OK" button

Step 4 :

Click on "OK" button

Finally, you can view the administrator user, click on "OK" button

We have allowed the permission remote access to "Administrator".

Now, open "Remote Desktop Connection " from start menu, give IP address user name and password when its response,