Systemctl tool is use to start, stop, restart, status basic services, also the functionality of both service and chkconfig. 

systemctl ommand is list all running services,

​# systemctl

# systemctl -a

acpid.service                                    loaded active running   ACPI Event Daemon
atd.service                                      loaded active running   Job spooling tools
auditd.service                                   loaded active running   Security Auditing Service
crond.service                                    loaded active running   Command Scheduler
dbus.service                                     loaded active running   D-Bus System Message Bus

Enable / Disable Services:

The basic command to enables or disable a service to be started on bootup time. For examble how to enable or disable sshd service.
# systemctl enable sshd.service

# systemctl disable sshd.service

How to Start / Stop / Restart few Services.

The following commands are enable / start / stop / restart / status services,

# systemctl enable  network.service

# systemctl start network.service

# systemctl stop network.service

# systemctl restart network.service

# systemctl status network.service

Apache (HTTPD)
# systemctl enable  httpd.service

# systemctl start httpd.service

# systemctl stop httpd.service

# systemctl restart httpd.service

# systemctl status httpd.service

# systemctl enable  sshd.service

#systemctl start sshd.service

#systemctl stop sshd.service

#systemctl restart sshd.service

#systemctl status sshd.service

If you have installed any packages additionally can start same as, for example

Memcached :
#  systemctl status memcached.service

memcached.service - Memcached
   Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/memcached.service; enabled)
   Active: active (running) since Thu 2015-02-26 09:54:27 IST; 2h 1min ago
 Main PID: 444 (memcached)
   CGroup: /system.slice/memcached.service
           └─444 /usr/bin/memcached -u memcached -p 11211 -m 64 -c 1024
#  systemctl restart memcached.service

#  systemctl stop memcached.service

# systemctl restart memcached

# systemctl start memcached

# systemctl status memcached

# systemctl stop memcached