This post describes about how to test the MSSQL - ODBC database remote connection on windows system. We have already discussed to allow MSSQL database remote connection on Windows Server 2012.

I have tried on Windows Server 2012, the database user name is "sa" and password is "Administrator user password" 

Open your Control Panel --> Administrative Tools  -->  ODBC Data Sourcess

Step 1 : Click on "Add" button,

Step 2:   Choose "SQL Server Native Clinet 11.0"  click on  "Finish"

Step 3 : Enter your data source name, description and MSSQL Server IP Address

Step 4 :  Enter your database user name and password. Click on "Next" button,

Step5:   Click on "Next" button

Step 6:  Click on "Finish" button,

Step 7:   Now the remote connection is configured, if you want to test it click in "Test Data Source.." button

Now, you view the details "TESTS COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY!"