Fedora 22 is an open source operating system and providers a complete desktop system. Also can be support productivity applications, Internet utilities, and desktop tools. This post describe about how to upgrade the fedora  Fedora 21 to Fedora 22 without format your system.

Very easily upgrade the latest and greatest version of Fedora in few commands,

The upgrade tool called "FedUp" (FEDora UPgrader) is the  tool for upgrading Fedora installations.

Update 21 :

Before upgrade that packages make ensure your current system is up to date backed up. Update the Fedora 21

# sudo dnf update

Install FedUp Tool:

Already discussed the FedUp tool is help us for upgrade Fedora, so we need to install in your system.
# sudo dnf install fedup

Now, upgrade using below command,
# sudo fedup --network 22

The above command is fetching appropriate packages from the Fedora repositories install and upgrade packages.

Once the installations have completed, check the /var/log/fedup.log file if any errors show up in the output from fedup.

Finally, reboot your system.

# init 6

Then will start your work on Fedora 22 Operating System.