Google Apps wizard cpanel plugin available for automatically configure domain with google-apps (MX and CNAME records) by the user, we need to install in your server.

Download that plugin package and install,

# wget

# tar -xvf /root/gaw-3.0.tar

# cd /root/gaw-3.0/

# sh -install

# rm -Rfv /root/gaw-3.0*

Now, you can view Google Apps Wizard on your cPanel,

 "Go to WHM >> Main >> Plugins >> Google Apps Wizard and click Update Now."

Also posibilities to upgrade the Google Apps, download the packages and execute it. Do not want to upgrade If you are using verion 3+ now,
# cd gaw-3.0

# sh -update

# rm -Rfv gaw-3.0/ gaw-3.0.tar

Would you like to uninstall that packege go to your extacted file and run the script.
# cd gaw-3.0
# sh -uninstall
# cd ..
# rm -Rfv gaw-3.0/ gaw-3.0.tar