Normally, we are install the windows operating systems on DVD or CD, also comfortable install by USB stick Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

Impartent :

Flush all the data from USB,

Please extra carefull while formatting USB drives

If you are choosing the wrong drive will erase it completely. The following steps as it at your own risk.

Required :

Your PC running on windows operating system,

USB drive with minimum 8GB of free storage

Convert Windows 8 bootable format, get windows 8 (32/64 bit) installation disk

Step 1 :

Choose your command prompt : Right click on Run as Administrator,

Another option is just right click on windows icon and choose "Command prompt(Admin)" in windows 8 and 10

Enter the command "diskpart" for run the diskpart utility, For example just refer the below image,

Step 2 :

Make sure locate your USB Drive Disk number by run the command " list disk "

Assume that the USB drive is 1

Run the following commands,

select disk 1                 : Disk selection (USB which you want to format)

clean                           : disk part succeeded in cleaning the disk

create partition primary  : Create a primary specified partition

select partition 1           : Partition 1 is now selected

active                           : Disk part marked the crrent partition as active

format fs=NTFS             : Format the file system with NTFS format

assign                          : Assigned the dirve letter or mount point


Create a Bootable :

Step 3 :

Now, we are going to ready for prepared USB dirve make it bootable.

Inter your windows 8 disk on your system CD/DVD drive, assume that the drive is " F "
Go to F:\boot
command is : cd f:\boot
If your USB drive letter is  " H "  please run

bootsect /nt60 h:

Note :  If you may received an error " Could not map drive partitions to the associated  volume device objects: Access is  denied. "

Step 4 :

Copy DVD Windows 8 media content to USB root folder

Impartent : Don't want to copy it into any folder or files

I hope, You are now ready to go to install Windows 8 from USB flash drive without any errors.