This post describes about how to complile and execute a C program on Linux system using the gcc compiler with a simple program

Press Windows Key, 

type the name terminal on Search field,

Open the "termintal",

Write simple code :

For example I have created a C program file with name of linuxfaq.c and added below lines,

$  gedit  linuxfaq.c

#include <stdio.h>
int main( )
    int value1, value2, total;
    printf("Enter two integers: ");

    scanf("%d %d",&value1,&value2); /* Enter the two integer */
    total=value1*value1;            /* multiplay the two values and and stores it in variable sum */
    printf("Total: %d",Total);      /* Displays total values */

    return 0;

Compile :

Now, save and compile that program on terminal,
$ gcc -o linuxfaq linuxfaq.c

the above command will invoke the GNU C compiler to compile the file hello.c, then get output ( -o )  the result to an executable called  linuxfaq

Execute :

Type the command and enter the values.
$ ./linuxfaq 

Enter two integers: 192
Total: 36864