If you may get an error when you start rsync service, rsync is not running, you need to check the rsync status. You can check with below commands,

Error :

root@thelinuxfaq:~#  /etc/init.d/rsync status
 * rsync is not running

root@thelinuxfaq:~#  /etc/init.d/rsync start

root@thelinuxfaq:~#  /etc/init.d/rsync status
 * rsync is not running


By default the rsync default configuration located in /etc/default/rsync, so you need to check in /etc/init.d/rsync file and line is 
root@thelinuxfaq:~# vim /etc/init.d/rsync


Copy the file  /etc/default/rsync to /etc/rsyncd.conf


Now, start the rsync service and check the status.