This post gives you instructions to download and install the latest release of SaltStack 2016.11.3(Latest) version on OpenSUSE-42.1.

Execute the below command to import the SaltStack 2016.11.3 repository key for OpenSUSE-42.1,

$ sudo zypper addrepo

Execute the below command to refresh the package list:

$ sudo zypper refresh

Now, install the SaltStack 2016.11.3(Latest) packages on OpenSUSE-42 - salt-minion, salt-master or other salt components,

$ sudo zypper install salt-master

$ sudo zypper install salt-minion

$ sudo zypper install salt-ssh

$ sudo zypper install salt-syndic

$ sudo zypper install salt-cloud

$ sudo zypper install salt-api

$ sudo zypper install salt-proxy

Run the below command to restart all the upgraded packages,

$ sudo systemctl restart salt-minion

$ sudo service salt-minion restart

Start or Stop the above services,

$ sudo service [Salt-*] start

$ sudo service [Salt-*] start