This post gives you instructions to download and install the latest release of SaltStack 2016.11.3(Latest) version on OpenSUSE 13.

Execute the below command to import the SaltStack 2016.11.3 repository key for OpenSUSE 13,

$ sudo zypper addrepo

Execute the below command to refresh the package list:

$ sudo zypper refresh

Now, install the SaltStack 2016.11.3(Latest) packages on OpenSUSE-42 - salt-minion, salt-master or other salt components,

$ sudo zypper install salt-master

$ sudo zypper install salt-minion

$ sudo zypper install salt-ssh

$ sudo zypper install salt-syndic

$ sudo zypper install salt-cloud

$ sudo zypper install salt-api

$ sudo zypper install salt-proxy

Run the below command to restart all the upgraded packages,

$ sudo systemctl restart salt-minion

$ sudo service salt-minion restart

Start or Stop the above services,

$ sudo service [Salt-*] start

$ sudo service [Salt-*] start