You can install gitlab-Runner  using the following two different methods:

Method 1: How to Install GitLab Runner Manually on Ubuntu 20.04
How to Install GitLab Runner Manually on Ubuntu 20.04 (

Method 2: Installing GitLab Runner Using deb package
Install GitLab Runner on Ubuntu 20.04 (

A basic pipeline will be created on GitLab.
STEP1:  Go to gitlab home page --> Create new project
STEP2: Select   
Enter the project name and select your repository make as public or private

click on the create project

STEP3: Our Basic Pipeline Script

In this pipeline we will have 2 basic jobs, each job executes a set of scripts:

Setup the Pipeline:
    - build 
    - test  

    stage: build 
        - echo "Building" 
        - mkdir build 
        - touch build/info.txt 
            - build/ 

    stage: test 
        - echo "Testing" 
        - test -f "build/info.txt" 
STEP4: Create new file 

This file will be named .gitlab-ci.yml, as the pipeline configuration is written in YAML:
File name is  : .gitlab-ci.yml 

STEP5:. configure the yaml file 

The changes will need to be committed, the pipeline should start automatically.

STEP6:. view the pipeline 

You can find the current and historical pipeline runs under your project’s CI/CD > Pipelines page

pipeline running successfully 

STEP7:.view the Pipeline section 

Click a pipeline to open the Pipeline Details page and show the jobs that were run for that pipeline.

STEP8:. View the terminal result