Its possible to remove or clear a file from CloudFront Edge caches before it expires time. Have to use Invalidation concept to clear the cache, just follow the steps below,

Step 1: Create a necessary IAM Policies and Roles to access the CloudFront from the CLI. 

Step 2: Install AWS-CLI on your local machine, either you're using Windows/Linux/MacOS.

Step 3: Configure the Access Key and Secret Key of the IAM user.

Step 4: Get the CloudFront distribution ID using the command,

$ aws cloudfront list-distributions

You can use Invalidations to clear the cache, add the paths to the files clear the cache from CloudFront Edges. Execute the AWS-CLI command below,
$  aws  cloudfront  create-invalidation  --distribution-id   "T8GHKGEXAMPLE"  --paths  '/location/*'

The output looks like below,
"Invalidation": {
    "Id": "T8GHKGEXAMPLE",
    "Status": "InProgress",
    "CreateTime": "2021-10-07T09:31:20.443000+00:00",
    "InvalidationBatch": {
        "Paths": {
            "Quantity": 1,
            "Items": [
         "CallerReference": "cli-1255455-111111"

That's it.