Yes, we have options to download all the objects from an S3 bucket to your local machine. Before we do, make sure that the AWS-CLI package is installed in your local machine and configured with credentials are Access Key and Secret Key.

Install AWS-CLI Package:

Download the file using the curl command and extract it.

$ curl "" -o ""

$ unzip

Install the package using the command below,

$ sudo ./aws/install -i /usr/local/aws-cli -b /usr/local/bin

After installed the package, check the version using the command below,

$ aws --version

Install AWS-CLI another method,

Alternatively, we have another option to install the awscli package which AWS recently released their Command Line Tools

$ sudo easy_install awscli


$ sudo pip install awscli

run config command and set the IAM role/user credentials,

$ aws configure

We have two options to copy the objects from S3 bucket to local machine, "CP" and "SYNC" and formats are here,
$ aws s3 cp s3://<source_bucket> <local_destination>   --recursive

$ aws s3 sync s3://<source_bucket> <local_destination>

So, now we use the commands below,

$ aws s3 cp s3://bucket_name/ .  --recurisve

$ aws s3 sync s3://bucket_name/ .  

If you use the Windows command prompt execute the command below,

$ aws s3 cp s3://bucket_name D:\destination --recursive

$ aws s3 sync s3://bucket_name/  D:\destination\