Jmeter is the project of Apache created by using Java language. It is totally an open source and free software. Apache Jmeter is used for load testing and evaluate the performance of different services. JMeter may be used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources (files, Servlets, Perl, Java, DB Queires more).

Install Apache Jmeter on Ubuntu:

The following steps are used to install the Apache Jmeter and the dependencies on Ubuntu.

Jmeter needs installed Java software in your instance,

 Step 1: Install Java

The following code is used to check whether the Java is installed or not.

 $java –version 

The above code returns the version of Java is installed otherwise have to install the Java package using the commend below,

$ sudo apt install default -jre

Step 2: Download Apache Jmeter:

Next, Download the apache Jmeter Using wget command, 

$ wget

Step3: Extract the Archive file:

Once you have downloaded the zip file, find out the zip file in a Downloads directory. Right click on the .zip file and choose 'Extract Here' from the menu to extract the files. 

If you want extract the zip file on the terminal window use the below below,

$ unzip

To check the version of the Jmeter the below code to be used in terminal

$ ./apache-jmeter-5.5/bin/jmeter –version

Step 4: Run the Jmeter:

Change the directory to run the Jmeter as following

 $ cd apache-jmeter-5.5/bin 

Run the Jmeter using the following command

 $ ./jmeter 

Jmeter interface will open to set up your test plan. see the screenshot below,