Here we are going to learn about how to install kubectl on Linux. We have to use a version of kubectl that is the same or later version as our server. Validation error will occur while we are using an older kubectl with a newer server.

1. Download the latest release with the command:

 curl -LO$(curl -s

If you want to download the specific version use the command with version number as follows:

 curl -LO

2. Build the kubectl binary executable.

 chmod +x ./kubectl

3. Change the binary in to our PATH.

 sudo mv ./kubectl /usr/local/bin/kubectl

4. Download and Install as part of the Google Cloud SDK

  As a part of kubectl installation the Google Cloud SDK has to be intstall.

  Run the following command to install kubectl:

  gcloud components install kubectl

5. Run kubectl version to verify that the verison we have installed is sufficiently up-to-date.

   kubectl version --client