The AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) is an open source tool to access the AWS services using the command your terminal window. The AWS CLI version 2 is the latest version of the AWS CLI, some functionaries are not working in AWS CLI version 1, so you should update to AWS CLI version 2. 

If you have installed the AWS CLI in your machine, check the version,

$ aws --version

aws-cli/1.18.69 Python/3.10.4 Linux/5.4.0-122-generic botocore/1.16.19

Seems to be the above one is old version, lets update the version,

Download the file using curl command,
$ curl "" -o ""

extract or "unzip" the downloaded package,

Next, execute the command below to install the awscli version, with or without sudo if you specify directories that you already have write permissions to. 
sudo ./aws/install

Now, you can check the aws-cli version with same command,
aws --version

 aws-cli/2.4.5  Python/3.10.4 Linux/5.4.0-122-generic botocore/1.16.19