FileZilla is a cost free open source and cross-platform to use FTP clients. It is used to communicate with the FTP server for uploading and downloading of files.  FileZilla supports both Client side and Server side applications. The client application is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS. FTP, SFTP and FTPs protocols are supported by filezilla.

This post wee are going to learn how to install filezilla in Ubuntu 22.04 (Client Application):

1. Update the Package:

apt -get update command is used to update the Package. Open your terminal window and execute the below command. Enter your password to proceed further.It shows the list of updated available, if you want to update the entire list press 'y' to continue.

apt-get update

2. Install filezilla:

To install the filezilla on Ubuntu 22.04, follow the command as below.

apt-get install filezilla

3. Verify Installed version:

To verify the installation and to check the installed version, use the following command.

$ filezilla -v

If you would like to open the FileZilla tool from the command prompt or terminal window, use the command below,
 $ filezilla 

or from the UI, press Windows key, search the key word "filezilla" you can see the FileZilla icon below,

Then, click on the ICON and it will open the window,

Connect the FTP protocol and upload the files to the server or instance, Go to "File -> Site Manger..."  and Click "New Site" enter the details below,

Hostname: <Your domain name or IP Address>
Port: <Your FTP or sFTP port>
Username: <FTP Username>
password: <FTP Password>

Click on Connect button, then you're able to see the remote site like the screenshot below,