The traceroute is a network diagnostic tool used to trace the paths that data packets take from their source point to destination point. It is used to display how the data travel from a local machine to a remote machine. Web page loading is one of the most common example of the traceroute. Network and routers are transfers the data while web page loading.  The traceroute can be useful for diagnosing network issues and it can display the routes, IP addresses, and hostnames of routers over a network. 

When traceroute is important in network:

Run a traceroute from your computer to your website when we notice our site running slow, to see if there are networking issues between your location and the DreamHost server.

When we are facing issues related to your mail connection, run a traceroute to determine the quality of the connection to the mail server.

1. Open the terminal.

2. Installation:

Run the following command to install Traceout in Ubuntu.

$ sudo apt-get install traceroute

3. Execute / Run:

Run the command as follows.



traceroute -I ICMP