Assume that if you have number of files in two different directories and you want to merge or sync up the those in a single directory, you can use the options below,

There are a few different ways to copy-merge the contents of two directories in Linux,

Copy (cp) command is used to copy files and directories and --recursive (-r) option copy the contents of directories recursively

 To copy-merge the contents of two directories logs-directory_1 and logs-directory_2 into a new directory merged_dir, you can use the following command:

cp -r logs-directory_1/* merged_destination/

cp -r logs-directory_2/* merged_destination/

rsync : this command is another tool that can be used to copy and synchronize files and directories.

rsync -a /path/to/source/ /path/to/destination

And use the command below for logs-directory_1 and logs-directory_2.

rsync -a logs-directory_1/ logs-directory_2/


rsync -avu logs-directory_1/* merged_destination/

rsync -avu logs-directory_2/* merged_destination/