To reset a local branch to match the remote repository's HEAD, you can use the "git reset" command with the "--hard" option. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Make sure you are in the branch that you want to reset. You can check the current branch using the command "git branch".

2. Fetch the latest changes from the remote repository using the command "git fetch".

git fetch origin

3. Check the status of your local branch using the command "git status".

4. If your local branch is behind the remote repository, you can reset it to match the remote HEAD using the command "git reset --hard origin/<branchname>". Replace <branchname> with the name of the branch you want to reset.
git reset --hard origin/<branch-name>

5. After running the command, your local branch will be updated to match the remote repository's HEAD.

Note : Any local changes that you have made will be discarded, so be sure to commit and push any changes that you want to keep before running this command.