The error message "The request signature we calculated does not match the signature" is a common error message that is encountered when working with Amazon S3. This error typically occurs when there is an issue with the AWS access key and secret access key used to sign the request.

Here are some possible reasons why you might be getting this error and how to resolve them:

Incorrect AWS access key or secret access key: Double-check that the access key and secret access key you are using are correct. You can do this by logging into the AWS Management Console and checking the Access Keys section of the IAM user that you are using.

Clock skew: If the time on your computer is not synchronized with the time on the server, you may get a signature error. Ensure that the time on your computer and server are synced, or try to resynchronize your system time using the internet.

Using an outdated SDK or API version: Make sure you are using the latest version of the AWS SDK or API. Outdated versions may not be able to properly generate the signature required by S3.

Request parameters not included in the signature: Ensure that all the request parameters are included in the signature, including headers and query string parameters.

Incorrect request data: Check the data that you are sending with the request. If the data is incorrect or corrupt, it may result in a signature error.

Incorrect bucket name or region: Ensure the bucket name should be unique and must conform to certain naming rules. The region is the geographic location where you want to store your data, such as "us-east-1" or "eu-west-1."

If you have checked and addressed the above possible reasons and are still experiencing issues, you may need to contact AWS support for further assistance.