To create an SSH key in Terraform, you can use the tls_private_key resource. Here's an example code snippet that creates an SSH key:

resource "tls_private_key" "example_ssh_key" {
  algorithm = "RSA"
  rsa_bits = 4096

output "private_key_pem" {
  value = tls_private_key.example_ssh_key.private_key_pem

output "public_key_openssh" {
  value = tls_private_key.example_ssh_key.public_key_openssh
This code defines a tls_private_key resource named example_ssh_key. It specifies that the key should use the RSA algorithm and have a length of 4096 bits.

The code also defines two outputs: private_key_pem and public_key_openssh. The private_key_pem output contains the PEM-encoded private key, while the public_key_openssh output contains the OpenSSH public key.

Once you apply this Terraform configuration, you can retrieve the private and public keys by running the terraform output command:
$ terraform output -raw private_key_pem