SCP or Secure Copy Protocol is an SSH-based protocol that permits sharing of files between remote devices. SCP allows you to send and receive file from and to a local device or between remote devices.

To copy a folder from a remote server to your local machine using scp (Secure Copy), you can use the following command:

scp -r user@remote:/path/to/remote/folder /path/to/local/destination.

Here's an explanation of the command:
  •  scp: This is the command for secure copying.
  • -r: This option specifies that the source is a directory and should be copied recursively.
  • user: Replace this with your username on the remote server.
  • remote: Replace this with the hostname or IP address of the remote server.
  • :/path/to/remote/folder: Replace this with the absolute path to the folder on the remote server that you want to copy.
  • /path/to/local/destination: Replace this with the absolute path to the destination folder on your local machine where you want to save the copied folder.
Make sure you have the necessary permissions and correct credentials to access the remote server. Also, replace the placeholders (user, remote, /path/to/remote/folder, /path/to/local/destination) with the actual values relevant to your case.