If you are encountering persistent issues with pulling Docker images and suspect that corrupted local images or cache might be the cause, you can try removing the problematic images and clearing the cache. 
Here are some steps to troubleshoot and fix this error:

Restart Docker Daemon:
Sometimes, restarting the Docker daemon can resolve metadata loading issues:

sudo systemctl restart docker

List Containers:
First, list all running and stopped containers. You'll need to remove these containers if they are using the image you want to delete.
docker ps -a

Remove Containers:
Remove any containers using the problematic image. Replace CONTAINER_ID with the actual container ID(s) you got from the previous command.
docker rm CONTAINER_ID

List Images:
List all images to identify the ID or name of the image you want to remove.
docker images

Remove Image:
Remove the problematic image. Replace IMAGE_ID or IMAGE_NAME:TAG with the actual ID or name and tag of the image.
docker rmi IMAGE_ID

To forcefully remove an image (use with caution):
docker rmi -f IMAGE_ID

Clean Docker Cache / Object:
Clean up unused Docker objects (dangling images, stopped containers, unused networks, and build cache).
docker system prune -a

This command will prompt for confirmation before deleting all unused images, containers, and networks.

Restart Docker:
sudo systemctl restart docker 

Pull the Image Again:
After cleaning up, try pulling the image again.
docker pull alpine:latest

This should resolve the issue if it was caused by local corruption or cache problems.