If you need to use password-based authentication in order to connect to the nodes, you need to append the option ansible_become_pass to your Ansible command.
Here's how you can do it:

1. Open your Ansible inventory file (inventory.ini) or create one if it doesn't exist.

2. Add the target hosts to the inventory file. For example:

web1 ansible_host=
web2 ansible_host=

3. Create a playbook file (e.g., playbook.yml) and define your tasks and hosts.

4. Specify the ansible_become_pass variable in the playbook file to provide the sudo password. For example:
- name: Example Playbook
  hosts: web_servers
  become: yes
  become_user: root
    ansible_become_pass: your_sudo_password

    - name: Your task name

Replace your_sudo_password with the actual sudo password you want to use.

5. Save the playbook file and run the Ansible command to execute it. For example:
ansible-playbook -i inventory.ini playbook.yml

Ansible will use the specified sudo password (ansible_become_pass) when executing tasks that require elevated privileges on the target hosts.